DUGALAK is one of the biggest Eastern European producers of polyester resins, which are used in all segments of the composite industry.

    The company was established by individuals who had a great experience in the production and sales of unsaturated polyester resins for the composites industry, as a private-owned company. Our production plant – AXSYNTHA company is situated in Sabac (Serbia), and it is an integral part of the DUGALAK group. The position of AXSYNTHA provides us to reach different European, but also, other surrounding, gravitating markets.

    The guiding principles of DUGALAK company include an individual approach to the customer’s requirements (modification of the resins for the specific customer needs), 24/7 technical service, a wide network of branches throughout Eastern Europe, which ensures the proximity of warehouses to the customer and creation of all conditions for customer loyalty for a long time.




    "Dugalak" d.o.o. Belgrade, Viline Vode 6
    e-mail: info@dugalak.com


    Sales department –

    Tel. +381 (0)64 641 40 52 / +381 (0)63 517 247


    Technical support
    Tel. +381 (0)60 389 01 80


    Production plant & warehouse  
    Axsyntha d.o.o. Hajduk Veljkova 1 – 15000 Sabac - Serbia 
    Tel. +381 15 350-294 / +381 15 350-295